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The Studio Edit

After ten months with an online shop and six months in a physical space, we decided it was time for a little studio edit. Dressing a room is a lot like dressing ourselves. If you're headed for a night out on the town, you start with clothing, then shoes, then a bag, and end with jewelry. When styling a room, we start with the furniture, add a rug, bring in some art, set the mood with lighting, and finally accessorize with small housewares. I believe that rooms and outfits aren't complete without those final accents, but to truly get a style right, you have to start with the larger foundational pieces. It's for that very reason that we have decided to pair back our collection to the defining styling moments of design within the furniture, wall art, lighting, and area rug categories.

As we stock up on these items, you'll see some sales on existing inventory online to help make room for a more intentional collection of furnishings. Like everything in life, starting a new business is one big experiment. Try something, see if it hits... then try again. I imagine you'll continue to see our studio offering and strategy evolve as we figure it all out. Thank you for being here for it and your continued support. xo, Caroline



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