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About Sunrise Vintage & Antiques

Every sunrise is like a page turning in a book, providing fresh perspective and opportunities. Sunrise Vintage & Antiques is just that. We take treasures of yesteryear and provide them with a new lease on life. Our collections are stylish, beautiful, imperfect and full of character... just like you.

This business is a part-time hustle fueled by creative passion and sheer grit. We appreciate your interest in our retail and service offerings! 


About our Founder


Caroline Alexander is the Creative Director at Sunrise Vintage & Antiques, curating the accessories and furniture collections with a discerning eye for quality and design.

Over the past twenty years, Caroline has worked in various creative and client-focused positions within the interior design industry. Caroline has been a consultative sales rep supporting the design community in New England for the past 15+ years. She also has experience with leading branding work, showroom design, and residential remodeling.

Caroline has been enamored with interior environments, people dynamics, and art since childhood. Intrigued by how space impacts the human experience, she attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design.

Why Vintage & Antique?

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